Conditions of use

Individual Use:

  • Purchasing designs gives only you, the individual purchaser, the right to use them for personal use.

  • Sharing of designs is illegal. This includes but is not limited to: business partners, embroidery friends, chat rooms, social media groups like Facebook, etc.

  • Free designs are also copyrighted and these same rules apply.




Limited Commercial Use:

  • A sole proprietor (meaning a business owned and operated by one individual) can sell items stitched with our designs on a limited basis, limited to 100 items per design. 

  • If you own a small business other than a sole proprietorship (you and at least one other partner/employee) you will need to purchase each design for each employee. If you desire to use our designs commerically more than 100 times per design, please contact us for commercial licensing use.

Copyright Laws:

  • All content of is copyrighted by international copyright laws--photos and designs.

  • Use of our photos is usually not allowed, especially for commercial purposes. If you would like to write a blog post about Meringue Designs and include a photo from this site, please contact us first as exceptions can be made with watermark intact and a link back to this website.



*Legal counsel is retained and violators will be prosecuted.



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