Scribbled Circles

Stitch as an outline or an applique. Many sizes!

Perfect for women's clothing--not juvenile at all, kind of adds an artistic touch.

Another design in my line of scribbled-style embroidery designs.
You will receive 12 designs in this pack:

scribbled circles applique 1x1
scribbled circles applique 2x2
scribbled circles applique 3x3
scribbled circles applique 4x4
scribbled circles applique 5x5
scribbled circles sampler 5x6 (as seen on make-up bag with the 4-patch and decorative stitching)
scribbled circles sampler 6x7  "     "     "
scribbled circles stitched 1x1
scribbled circles stitched 2x2
scribbled circles stitched 3x3
scribbled circles stitched 4x4
scribbled circles stitched 5x5

I chose to use heat-n-bond lite under the applique circles as I did notice some puckering with out the heat n bond. Sample it either way to see what you prefer.

Scribbled Circles ART
Scribbled Circles DST
Scribbled Circles HUS
Scribbled Circles JEF
Scribbled Circles SEW
Scribbled Circles PES
Scribbled Circles VIP
Scribbled Circles VP3
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