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Spirals design is simple but definitely not plain. Great for pillows, napkins, zipper pouches, anything really! A basic circle is stitched in a spiral pattern giving the thread an iridescent look.

You will receive 8 designs in this pack:

grid of spirals 3"x3"

grid of spirals 4"x4" version A (6 spirals)

grid of spirals 4"x4" version B (16 spirals, seen on zipper pouch)

grid of spiral 5"x5" (16 spirals)

grid of spirals 6"x6" (16 spirals)

grid of spirals 10"x10" (25 spirals, seen on white pillows)

single spiral big 1.3"x1.3"

single spiral small .9"x.9"


Tutorial to make the napkins on the blog. Also some embroidery tips for the napkins.


Stitching tip: As with any circular design with lots of stitching, puckering of fabric can occur if not stabilized properly. I always use two forms of stabilizer on the back (either cut away or tear away). I also hoop the fabric very taut--stretching it just slightly when hooping. Lastly, if possible, using a wash away dissolvable stabilizer on the top helps as well.  

Spirals ART and EXP
Spirals DST
Spirals HUS
Spirals JEF
Spirals PES
Spirals VIP
Spirals VP3
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