Triangle Heart

Triangles make up this beautiful heart. So modern!

A bunch of triangles in six different thread colors come together to make this heart.  The stitches are a "looser" fill so that you can easily stitch this on a t-shirt as well without puckering. I love the looser fill for fast projects and a clean look. Modern!


You will receive 4 designs in this pack:

triangle heart 4x4 (3.4"x3.9") 8533 stitches

triangle heart 5x6 (5.5"x6.3") 18482 stitches

triangle heart 7x8 (6.9"x7.9) 26925 stitches

triangle heart 9x11 (9.1"x10.5) 44470 stitches


Note: The tote bag pictured used the 5x6 side.

Triangle Heart ART and EXP
Triangle Heart DST
Triangle Heart HUS
Triangle Heart JEF
Triangle Heart PES
Triangle Heart VIP
Triangle Heart VP3
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