Triangles Scattered

these seem scattered but do form some fun patterns

There is a quilting technique called 'half square triangles'. You can make infinite patterns with just a bunch of right triangles. This pattern seems to be a bunch of random triangles scattered when in fact you can make out a few patterns. Some of the fill styles vary on the triangles to give a fun textured effect.


You will receive 5 designs in this pack:

triangles scattered 4x4

triangles scattered 5x7

triangles scattered 6x8

triangles scattered 7x9

triangles scattered 9x14


Design notes:

*The orange linen was embroidered with all shades of pink ranging from dark to light.

*Tutorial for the wallet can be found on the blog.

*Pillow pictured is 12x17 and uses the 9x14 size.

Triangles Scattered ART and EXP
Triangles Scattered DST
Triangles Scattered HUS
Triangles Scattered JEF
Triangles Scattered PES
Triangles Scattered VIP
Triangles Scattered VP3
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